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original title: Born Free
rating: 7.10(3 057)
United Kingdom, United States
drama, adventure, family
Director: James hill, The Makgoun. in roles: Virginia McKenna and bill Travers, Geoffrey Keene, Peter Luk-OIE, Omar CHambati, …
running time: , 95 min.
release date: 1966


The movie was filmed in the African Savannah on the bestseller known writer and naturalist joy Adamson. The picture tells about the fate of the lionesses E”syi, still a cub has fallen to the spouses Adamson. They not only save the baby from imminent death, and, raising its return back into the wild because she was born free. The authors have managed to perfectly capture and transfer with the help of means of cinema beauty of the nature and wildlife of Kenya.

Review: I would like to add that the film was shot on the actual events and the film participated itself joy Adamson and her husband. A beautiful film. And joy Adamson, a brave woman, devoted all his life to the protection of the wild nature.
Yes, it is possible friendship between people and wild animals, it delights us in this film and the book, as well as in other documentary book of joy Adamson ‘Spotted Sphinx’ (which, by the way, partly described the shooting of the film). The joy were two beautiful and faithful of the wild friends: Elsa and Pippa. But for all this the friendship of the place of wild animals and their house – to will and only there.
From the cast of more than just can allocate bill Travers, perfectly played George.
And of course, the most vivid actors were wonderful, the born free lions and unforgettable wildlife of Kenya.
10 out of 10
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